I am a lover of life, adventurer, passionate about my job and for the possibility to freeze moments in a frame, capturing expressive images.
Photography started as hobbies a long time ago in my country, Brazil, and become my way of life here in Australia.
After buying my first professional camera I gained a whole new perspective where and a new world of photography opened up for me. It was a steep learning curve, and as I journey throughout the world, was a great joy capturing these adventures in pictures and keeping them forever as memories. I took courses, devoured photography books and online tutorials and research – when I realised this was my professional calling. So, I left my financial corporate job, and since 2015 I have been a freelance photographer and filmmaker – combining passion and work in the perfect balance.
I enjoy working in many different fields, but I’ve recently found myself specialising in Sports and Corporate events. I love capturing the energy humans create when working together – or participating against one other – where being invisible among them as a photographer is paramount. The anticipation and excitement I feel before I push the shutter is a very special moment for me - it can come from a sunset, a smiling child or the moment the champion crosses the line. In these moments I feel like everything around me is still and I can only see that picture in my mind, and the energy of the moment in photographic form. When all of these elements come together for the perfect picture the satisfaction it brings lets me know I’ve followed the right career path.
Please check out a selection of my work on the Home page or take a look at my Instagram gallery where you can find more photos of my travel and experiments.
You will find my heart and my passion in each one of them, I hope you enjoy it!
“To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight,
the head, the eye and the heart.” 

Henri Cartier-Bresson
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